Monday, October 23, 2006

Why search when there's Google?

I am regular web surfer. I am forever searching for something - thats when I am out of bloglines - the only aggregator that I use. I regularly search Amazon or Wikipedia. My favourite search engine is Google. It is fast, reasonably accurate and clutter free. Very often for searching for a book on Amazon or for a post on wikipedia, I find that is faster to just type in the subject in the Google search box and retreive it. Amazon and Wikipedia often seem a lot slower than Google to respond and the Google search takes me to the pages on those sites right away.

Which brings me to the question? Why do sites have a search engine when Google does that job so well? Is it necessary for sites need to have a search box at all especially considering that their search is not as good as Google search?


Vulturo said...

For, the Google cannot successfully index the deep web.

Anonymous said...

Google has access to each search query that is amde through it and teh book Search calls it as Database of Intentions .As a site owner , I dont want anyone in Google to get a preview of what my customers are searching for in my site . World is not so Philanthropic dear .

prope//er said...

Well, of the many reasons, I will name a few.

[*] If everyone depends on Google, it simply creates a single point of failure. Which means, Google as a company has no liability to failure of search on these sites. If Google goes down one fine day, these companies are on their own.

[*] Google sells a piece of hardware that companies can integrate within their infrastructure and provide search. This is certainly a viable option but not all companies are not out there to help you find info, they are there to make money.

[*] When you search for stuff at Amazon, it is a chance for them to extract as much information out of you as possible so that they can fine tune their offering to provide you with choices so that you come in to buy one item and you leave with three.

[*] Google maintains a cache of information and a set of indexed pages which get scanned upon a search. Exposing corporate information is not a good idea.

Norman Freeman's Blog said...

To be honest, I don't want Google to replace my own site search.
And I know that people love it. It contains no spam, only valid info from my own site.

Depending on what you search for, the spam problem just gets too big.
And btw. Google know enough about us all anyway yet! ;o)

Have a good day (every day),
Norman Freeman
Norman's Internet Marketing For Fun

prasad said...

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Ankit said...

Market Monopoly is not a good thing don't need a single company controlling access to the whole of Internet.More search sites need to be encouraged.For eg. have a look at
Our own version of google

Shikhil M said...

Google is a good search engine but it makes sense for sites like amazon to have its own search engine. Amazon provides specialized search sevices specially for the books that it sells online. Same thing is true for sites like ebay.

Search engines are also a major source for add revenues. Sites like Yahoo where a lot of users log on and search cannot forgo the oppurtunity to make money.

Anonymous said...

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