Saturday, November 04, 2006

Aashirvad versus Annapurna

For those who know the Indian wheat flour (atta) market, these are the brands of the two big players in this space apart from the neighbourhood chakki and the small sector. The former belongs to ITC and the latter belongs to HLL.

This is a purely personal experience. When we had purchased Annapurna atta, my mom after making a set of rotis put the brand in her personal reject list. "The chappati becomes rubbery, it has maida" was her judgement.

With Ashirvaad, she said "This is good atta".

Needless to say, we always preferred Ashirvaad atta after that. Perhaps this was the market buzz too since Annapurna recently introduced a label on its packet "No maida added". Ashirvaad always had this on their packs. So, is it an admission of past guilt on the part of HLL?

BTW, the new pack of Annapurna (we happened to use it only because our grocer delivered it to us by mistake and we needed atta urgently) was good - no maida (as per mom) - but I guess Annapurna has lost some brand equity lost there.


AkaRound Peg said...

We buy branded Indian atta here in Muscat because the atta you get here has way too much maida.

But in India I would never buy branded atta. The family has been going to Shivananda Stores in Kumara Park where you buy the wheat grains and they grinds it for you in front of you. Absolutely fresh. And now we don't even go to Shivananda. We just call them with a list and they deliver at home and the atta is often still warm when it gets home!

Shivananda, which is probably a brand in itself delivers as far away as Yehlanka, Whitefield or Jayanagar.

Raj said...

Interesting note...Did you also notice how the Indian Ready to Eat sector has taken off?