Sunday, November 26, 2006

Customer service

This is an elaboration of what I had previously written about - that from a customer standpoint, 9 to 5 is the worst timing for any company in the business of customer service. This was the lesson the Public sector banks have learnt from the HDFC and ICICI - when they started out - now HDFC and ICICI are resembling their old counterparts - especially as the number of customers increase. The management of a large number of customers, especially on high volume days is something these banks need to work on. Likewise the line outside any ICICI ATM on any weekend will tell you that something is wrong - it resembles the lines outside PSU bank tellers - except that here it is a machine! (Note to myself: Need to write on banking sometime). If you want to service customers, reach out to them - perhaps on weekends, perhaps using different techniques like small mobile offices, mobile ATMs

Coming to my experience, I had to submit the copy of a document to ICICI bank a few months back, which I did. As far as I am concerned, I have done my job. But not ICICI - somebody misplaced the documents (they dont even acknowledge receiving it - because I dont know the name of the person who took my documents etc. - wow! what am I supposed to do - take a picture?). Ultimately I had to go back to their branch and give it. Hopefully this time around it will not be misplaced. But the point is that customer service has to be 24/7, not for just 8 hours a day.

Fancy slogans, internet sites, swanky branches do not make for customer service. Customer service has to be intrinsic, internalised - it can happen out of ramshackle offices - all it needs a big heart. Customer service cannot be from 9 to 5, it has to lived and breathed by the company, day in and day out.

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