Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Digital picture frames

Perhaps the last bastion of paper photographs - the picture frame - is being taken over by their digital cousins. How?

I saw a few weeks, at various places, digital picture frames. These thingamajigs are battery powered, come with their own memory, so you can upload a few of your digital pictures and your own multiple picture slide frame is ready! Now if you are one of those who had a hundred picture frames and wanted to add ten more, this frame should come in handy. Prices are on the higher side these days, but I think in the coming year (no plural), prices of these should drop really low. After all, they are just a commodity. Those fancy rosewood digital frames might cost a good amount, but you can get a sundar, sasta, tikaau (beautiful, cheap, durable - Indian customers axiom) frame for a lot of cheaper.

I think its a neat concept, but I admit I did not see it coming.


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