Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Electronic MBA

Can management education be delivered in an electronic form? NIIT Imperia, as I saw in a recent ad seems to have this plan in mind. They plan to make waves in the management education as they did in computer education. They have tied up some of the right names in management in India - the IIMs among them.

Like their previous experience in computer training, they offer short packed courses in various management themes chaired by some impressive facult, delivered through broadband pipes- perhaps which will ultimately roll up to a GNIIT kind of a long term program.

While I wish them success with this, I just hope that NIIT does not end up giving false hope to many who will graduate out of its portals. Too many people have jumped onto the MBA bandwagon. There are two year courses, one year courses (good ones too), part time courses, correspondence courses (!) and many other false hopes out there among the really good ones. There are many, far too many sub standard MBA colleges in India (as there are for other streams) all of which means that we have "MBAs" (who are nothing but graduates or worse) working as phone salesmen or shop assistants. In many of these colleges the MBA is treated like an Advanced BCom degree where the focus is just on marks (copy/paste -mug/puke) and a paper degree.

The MBA is a fundamentally different course - way different than computer education or BCom. In an MBA the focus is on the group that you get to study with as much as the course and college and profs. If the idea is to make management education accessible, then NIIT Imperia is a great idea, because there are many in India who would like such education to be more accessible, exactly what they did with computer education. If it is to compete with a true blue MBA, then it is as wishful thinking as thinking that an NIIT computer course will be equal to a computer engineering degree.


Anonymous said...

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GreyMattr said...

I guess a lot depends on what u expect of such eMBAs.. u have NIIT and Hughes has been there for quite some time. For ppl with experience (i mean 3-10 years) these make a little sense.. more so for already MBAs.. u have the choice of a number of specialisation in say finance, HR, 6 Sigma......

Now its just to get urself a better understanding and move faster in the world.. MBA should never be seen as the "trump card" to success..more so for part-times, correspondence etc..

MBA lead u nowhere.. even the once from IIMs..
it may sound like a cliche.. but u make ur future..

other wise isnt it strange that MS, Oracle, Dell, Mittal Steel etc recruit toppers from IITs and IIMs while their bosses are perhaps just graduates.. or even worse drop-outs!!!