Thursday, December 07, 2006

2nd Anniversary

The first one was here... What began as a tentative post on 7th December 2004 is a blog thats 2 years old now.

Well, it is chugging along merrily, as much as a part time blogger/writer can manage along with a day job. It has resulted in invites to blog @ Indianeconomy and Desicritics (where I have not contributed much), a piece published in JAM (courtesy Rashmi).

Heres a short retrospective. In the two years of existence, the post on Bangalores real estate has been a big hit with some people thinking I am an expert on it - no I am not. The others which have got a lot of hits are "The truth about jobs", "Of geeks and coders". The Carnival of the capitalists has also been hosted here, though I have not been contributing there of late. Some personal favourites are the posts busting the myth of Indias labour shortage, posts on the retail revolution in India, travel portals all over the place, Managing crowds and Mobile phone and micro entrepreneurs.

I hope to make something more out of it and write more regularly, especially my own pieces. The last few weeks have been as hectic as a "free for all" traffic intersection in Bangalore and things should ease out in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement.


Prasanth said...

Happy second anniversary !!.
Yours is one of the first blogs i check on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing.

Neelakantan said...