Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Blah!

This is title of a piece labelled "Devils Advocate" in the TOI today. I am not a big fan of Web 2.0 myself but even by my standards, this is puke. The article starts in this way and goes downward soon after.

...seems to overlook the fact that blogging and online collaboration are just ways to give mindless drivel a free hand.

Replace blogging and online collaboration with Times of India and its supplements and the same thing can be said about the whole newspaper. And then you read this sentence, it rings true even more.

The whole thing is a virtual wasteland assisting human beings in their quest to think less.

Atleast blogs dont waste paper and and trees. What makes the author think that the crap that got published thanks to the ignorance oversight of an editor is good? Half of the articles in the supplement of the newspaper starts with "ABC in USA did crap, what does PQR in Bangalore think...". I am sure my intelligence increases with this and I think more!

Holier than thou?

So, if you are reading this, I would recommend going through some of these blogs for starters.
The Acorn - Indian foreign policy etc.
Atanu Dey on Indias development
each of which offers a better perspective than any MSM. Once you read them, perhaps you can go through their blogrolls too.

And yes, I do agree that there is a lot of crap in the blogosphere as Nilu will tell you. (Search puke and you will know) and if this particular piece was a blog, it would find its rightful piece there (and then again, if it is lower than puke, it may not)


niti bhan said...

Neelakantan, I think we need to start a meme of superstar indian blogs, that way the rest of the world can also discover the excellent writing and insights coming out of india! This is a good start, btw. thank you!

Sujai said...

TOI is a tabloid. Was subscribing to it and then realized that I was getting frustrated every morning reading the rubbish they publish. For every news item, they seem to somehow manage a scantily clad woman. To say that blogging is a way to give mindless drivel a free hand is absolutely irresponsible. Only TOI can be so irresponsible.

Nitin said...


Thanks for the kind words.

I think underconfident reporters resort to blog-bashing (or perhaps, those who want to attract interest from bloggers). I myself have collaborated with a TOI columnist once, and found that there was no respect lacking.