Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dheeraj and innovation...

"This packaging sucks." said Dheeraj even as he tried squeezing the frozen coconut oil from the plastic bottle.

The bottle wore the look of tissue paper after a wiping a bad cold.

"What happened?" asked Savita
"I will tell you about innovation. You see, this company very well knows that coconut oil freezes in winter, so they can surely use toothpaste type tubes for coconut oil? Yet, they use these containers. Wouldn't that be so much smarter. And here I am working for this stupid company coding my life to glory. My life is wasted."

"But wouldn't they have to cool coconut oil to put into the tubes? Because if it weren't, wouldn't it leak?

And then they would have to transport it too right, in cool containers?

"Wouldnt that push the cost by so much?"

"And also, here in Bangalore and then in Himachal, it would freeze and only in winters, what happens in summers and in places like Chennai?"

"They would need two packaging lines."

"Dont you think I have a point?"
"This is how innovation gets stifled in companies. All good ideas are trashed."

"I was just trying to think why nobody thought of it before and I think you have the answer."

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