Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Health food taking off

I had written about this a while back, almost a year ago and it looks like the contours of it are shaping up. This piece in BS does a good analysis of the health food trend.

Last month ITC Foods launched Sachin’s Fit Kit, a new brand of energy bars, cookies and health biscuits, for which cricketer Sachin Tendulkar will extend his brand ambassador’s role to developing a range of healthy foods.

A few days later, the Ahmedabad-based Cadila Healthcare brought back butter-substitute Nutralite, which has just one-fourth the fat content of real butter.

Godrej Foods and Beverages plans to relaunch its soya drinks brand Sofit and PepsiCo India is quietly promoting its Quaker Oats.

With organic food making waves in India almost at the same time as organized retail, colas and fast food, perhaps we are lucky. We missed the junk food wave of the world, colas are not doing well in the Indian market and overall, the nation is becoming health conscious and perhaps at the right time.

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