Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Japan fund for tourist sites

We, in India, are not too proud of our own heritage - certainly not all of us, which is why our tourist or heritage sites are frequently vandalised, maintained shabbily and generally left at the mercy of all and sundry. Which is why you can find neglect at Konark, shoddy service at all pilgrim centers or random neglect of our hill stations by indiscriminate building.

Well, Japan with its rich Buddhist heritage has stepped in to build tourist infrastructure to the Buddhist holy places in India (and there are many). It speaks volumes about Indias overall interest in conserving history. I just hope that these funds are spent wisely and do not find their way into politicians pockets.

Japan will help conserve Indias Buddhist heritage, will India conserve its own other heritage? Or will we wait with a begging bowl? Tourist infrastructure like other infrastructure is an investment that will pay back for itself, but our rulers have better things to do, like divide the country...

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