Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stars shine again

Hema Malini endorses Bank of Rajasthan, Karisma Kapoor endorses Khaitan fans - faded stars are appearing in the endorsement space. In an age when every brand has a celebrity, right from Boost to Malabar gold to Dabur to TMT bars, every star has a market - I hope that companies spend shareholders and their money wisely!

The theory often used in these kind of endorsements is some kind of time lag argument that goes, "Hema Malini is still popular in rural India". Without doubt about Hema Malini and her star potential (even today) and assuming that rural India is out of the Sholay time warp, the argument should not be around the fact that she is still popular in rural India, the question should be, whats the appeal that the celebrity brings to your brand? The point being choose your star carefully. Today, give or take a few, the divide between metropolis India and small town India is shrinking. So, whats cool in Chennai may not be cool in Bhopal, but Madurai, Trichy wont be too far. Certainly not as far as Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. What needs to be factored in is the audience. So, Amitabh for a slightly mature target audience is a great idea, while he may not exactly be the best bet for Razr.

There is no single right answer here. John Abraham as a biker is great for Yamaha and we still dont know how much Yamaha is adding to its volume, but Sachins campaign for Victor did made a difference, while Hrithik for Karizma never did. And then again, if you want to stay out of hte clutter, there is space for non celebrity based endorsement too. KBC and KBC 2 were all Amitabhs, will Shah Rukh have the jadoo for KBC 3?

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