Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thai and Malabar chips

Recently, I tasted a potato chip with Thai flavour and the chip was just great. These chips are available in India too, but outrageously priced. It set me thinking as to how many such flavours can be created in India given its range of cuisine.

Kurkure (of Frito-Lays/Pepsico) has tried to do just that, as has Lays chips. Both of them have quite a few flavours, but Kurkure has some more Indianised flavours (Red chilli chatka and some Hyderabadi flavour) and the newest one is something called "Mast Malabari" flavour. It tastes quite good, for those who dont mind a coconuty taste of Malabar cuisine.

And it looks like it will enter the US as well.

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