Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Government employment exchange

In these days of a job boom, the government employment exchange does not seem to exist, but it does. Although it does not exist on the radars of too many IT/ITES/BPO companies in India, as per this Hindu Businessline piece. And oh, there is a rule too, that they ought to...

Further, under the Employment Exchange Act 1959, all public sector companies and those private sector companies that do not work in areas related to agriculture, are required to notify most of their vacancies to the nearest employment exchange. (Mr. Arjun Singh - time to play some politics here)

Oh, for the heady days of socialism when one could spend days idling in a queue in front of the exchange.

A look at the Web site of an employment exchange indicates no notifications by any IT/ITES/BPO company. When asked why companies do not notify the employment exchange, the Nasscom President, Kiran Karnik, says it is because companies do not see value in it. "Employment exchanges do not provide a talent pool of employable individuals. Further, they are positioned as catering to lesser skilled candidates only," he says.

Do read the piece and you will know why the current system doesn't work. I am sure companies will be happy to tap into any exchange, private or government - like they do into online job portals.

The government exchange is a paper version of the same with all the tapes attached. Here is a gem:
As government exchanges are not permitted to shortlist more than 20 candidates per vacancy, it is difficult for freshers to be shortlisted.

Despite all the handwringing, the report(er) fails to note that many of those listed at the exchange would also have listed at some other portal and in a lot of cases, information at the exchange in outdated - has to be since the system is far from efficient. Also, the net is far far efficient in getting people than a physical exchange. Perhaps its time for the government to turn it over to Naukri.com or Monster.com

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