Saturday, January 13, 2007

Indian IT in 2007

Even as Infosys and the other tech companies get ready to release their quarterly results, my busy self has been going through some reports on IT companies and the direction they are taking.

Notably, many research reports sense that Indian IT firms are slowly moving up the value chain. And what chain is that? IT firms routinely do bits and pieces work for many firms - a bit of accounting here, a bit of re-engineering there, a bit of transaction processing here and a bit of maintenance there. They sense that if they put it all together, they could have an entire new end to end business model (not just one business) in place.

Possible candidates are almost everybody in Indian IT. Some reports talk of Infosys, some Wipro and some Satyam. But my money is on TCS to do the trick.


One More Reason said...

I wish Indian companies grew into R&D and cutting edge product development. Be the next Sun Microsystems or SAP or IBM and such. Are they doing that ? Or are they more comfortable with the easy money ?

The stereotype I face many a times is this ...."Here goes my job!!!". Wish it was something more like "Possibility of new jobs and technology"

Neelakantan said...

Well, they (or someone else) will get there - sooner or later. But this business is a business distinct from Sun or SAP. Time to accept that - and no, its not easy.