Monday, January 01, 2007

Indian Management

Swami Aiyar says in the TOI this week that recent takeovers of Indian companies have succeeded overseas also due to the managing capabilities of Indians.

It is true that FLAG was turned around by Reliance, LN Mittals turnaround story at all his mills have been mostly executed by Indians. We have also taken over some other companies that were not doing really well - Daewoo takeover by Tata comes to mind as does Videocons takeover of Thomson facilities.

While his analysis comes mostly from looking at overseas acquisitions, I think the same trend is being repeated in IT too as Ciscos center here shows. IT is as much about management as much as it is about services when it comes to bigger projects and projects and program management and perhaps we are not bad managers after all (something our contractor/bodyshopper image abroad has always stood in the way of enhancing).

Perhaps this seems to be a good trend to watch out for in the coming years.

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