Monday, January 22, 2007

Surf Excel and the market

Much like the story on premium milk and construction workers, Surf excel is another of the premium brands which finds usage in multiple categories in the market. Surf Excel, interestingly, is not preferred by those it is aimed at - not used is too broad a word, but I will elaborate. (Disclaimer: These are my observations)

Surf Excel does two things. One, it makes washing easy and two, a small quantity of it can be used for a decent wash. HLL has realized it and that is why you get Surf Excel in 2 rupee sachets (20 grams - but good for a bucket of clothes). But the first part deserves a small look in. It makes washing easy - dont ask me how, but it does and does a good job of washing clothes.

So, if your clothes are washed by a bai, do you want to make her job easier? Perhaps no. So, this target market skips Surf Excel, except when they want to wash some "special" stuff on their own. But on the other hand, senior citizens prefer Surf Excel since it makes washing so easy, as do bachelors (if they cannot find a bai). What about those with washing machines - my guess they think Surf Excel is too expensive to dump in a washing machine (same category as bai) and use some other brand, like Tide perhaps.

For the 2 rupee market, Surf Excel is VFM. And like the milk, it is super value for money for these chaps. Needs less water (not sure if they know of the USP) and makes washing easy too.

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