Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tic Tac and mobile phones

Why do Tic Tac containers make so much noise? Did they never think that you could use it in the middle of a meeting?

Aha, and talking of meetings - I was at this amazing one when one of the attendees received a call that and his ringtone sounded like a thousand bugles. Embarassed he was and quickly moved his phone to the silent mode and guess what happened? The phone moved into silent mode, with, you guessed it, the ringtone equivalent of a thousand bugles. Maan! Who would have designed a thingie like that - moving into silent mode with a huge ringtone!


ggop said...

What phone is this? I will stay away from the model ;-)

Rob said...

That is very embarrassing, I mean disturbing. He would rather buy a Mobile phone that is equipped with a music player just like the ericsson sony w600i walkman that supports MP3 and Apple’s AAC formats and he will no longer caught on those situations again where his colleagues were annoyed of the strange sound that his old mobile phone creates even when they are in a silent mode.