Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Which highway?

The text reads, Kerala, Surging ahead on the digital highway.

Perhaps yes.

But the real roads are pretty bad. Two laned, no dividers, manic roadsense, traffic jams - sounds like any other place in the country - but Kerala has not had the industrial growth that others have had.

Without real roads, the digital highway will soon be a traffic jam to reach work - strikes notwithstanding.


Jatin Varma said...

I thought Kerela was improving its infrastructure due to its increasing attractiveness as a tourist destination

Neelakantan said...

Far from it Jatin. Only recently were a couple of bypasses (euphemism for four laned roads that go around towns and cities) built that connects Kochi and Allepey, but other than that most roads continue to be a nightmare.

Jatin said...

i guess they could still package it as the small town charm of kerela