Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Iron horse

A blast from the past.

Once upon a time, I was a mad fan of steam locomotives. All my train trips were spent eyes peeled outside to see a steam locomotive. Since a lot of them happened in the 80s and there were quite a few steam locos in service in various parts of India, I have seen quite a few of them in action.

The best? Ankleshwar/Billimora in Gujarat had a great selection of narrow guage steam locos. I spent a considerable time in the yard looking at them. Down South, Palakkad had quite metre guage steam engines. The Renigunta section had a few of them as did the Wadi Guntakal section. One of my visits to Nagpur in the late 90s had me surprised with the number of locos in operation there locally.

Cameras werent quite prevalent then, so the only picture I have is one of an old steam loco shot sometime in the 80s (87/88?) through the window of a moving train.

Sometime, then, in the 80s, the computer found its way to India and I, in my fantasy imagined a day when I could have all the information on steam locomotives on my desktop.

Hmm...we have reached there!

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Rangachari said...

I am delighted that you have found our IRFCA web site (I am the owner of this site although its maintained by a big group of vounteers from around the world). There is a very active Yahoo Groups mailing list (also called IRFCA) for anyone interested in extremely detailed technical discussions about Indian Railways :-)