Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lite passenger vehicles

The Tata Ace has taken the lite, 4 wheeler carrier segment by storm. Of course it is a welcome change from all the three wheeled transport vehicles on the road. Now it will help if the Tata Ace passenger vehicle will help rid our roads of those three wheeled monstrosities that pass off as passenger carriers (in Pune for example). Bajaj has Pulsar, Mahindra Scorpio and Tata had the Indica, until it came up with an Ace. So, its up a few notches on innovation for Tatas.

The Maruti Omni is the only vehicle that currently services this segment, so Tata plans to face off with the Omni.

Not that others are keeping quiet about it. In typical Indian industry fashion, they are all rushing into the market, having missed the original game. Bajaj has plans to enter to this space, as does Mahindra, so does Hero Honda. Wonder why the Pulsar and the Scorpio makers failed to see this before Tatas. Mahindra entered the noisy 3 wheeler segment when it was far smarter given its technical knowledge in this segment to enter the 4 wheeler segment when there was no Ace. Bajaj, the original purveyor of the auto rickshaw - though not the 6 seater - also missed the bus, literally. Hero Honda is also planning to get into this segment, dont be surprised if they name it the CD 100 bus.

Did you know that the Tata Ace is a widely discussed topic in innovation fora. The Indica is a 1400 cc car, the Ace is a 700 cc truck - coincidence?

simply sliced the Indica engine into half and made a two-stroke diesel out of it.

Smart eh? Now wait for the 1 lakh car.

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When will Ace passenger van hit the road ?