Friday, February 02, 2007

Parental Consent

This one from Fast Company writes about companies wooing parents to hire their children (children?). While this may be something being done by a few isolated companies, it is hardly worth emulating - imagine if I were a TCS hiring 5000 people at a time.

Marichetty isn't a freak job candidate. In many Indian families, multiple generations live under a single roof, making cooperative decisions in matters both social and economic. And children, even well into their twenties and thirties, typically defer to the authority of their elders. So parents--and especially fathers--can take on influential roles in directing young people's careers.

Wonder who peddles stuff like this. I heard this at another forum in India too - "Indians respect their parents (read scared of them) and therefore they find it difficult to talk to their managers." I guess these are just "expertspeak" on India and hardly rooted in reality.

Unless I am totally mistaken, joint families are few and far in urban India - especially living under one roof. The joint family has taken newer urban avatars - like living under different roofs, but within a same complex or area or building - and the defer to authority part is, I think, vastly overrated.

If companies take care of parents, well, sure thats a good thing to do, but to imagine that someone will join a company because their parents get swimming pool access is stretching imaginations.


niti bhan said...

I don't know, Neelakantan however much I fully hear what you're saying. We're much more independent of our clans and parents then we were even one generation ago. However, its a spotty change rather than in all areas, how many would marry against parental and clan consent when some areas this results in murder and worse?

Neelakantan said...

hmm...marriage yes, job surely not. So the defer to the authority is vastly overrated in things like jobs or being scared of managers...