Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Retail vs retail

ITC plans to take retailers to the last bastion - handcarts. Is this a pathbreaking idea? Surely. Will it deliver the goods, well, we have to wait and see what comes out of this experiment. When people cannot come to the shop, get the shop to the people...

The last time somebody did this - Kwality Walls - their pushcarts are quite a hit and people feel comfortable buying icecream from the Kwality Walls pushcart than from "unnamed" vendors. To push this concept into vegetable selling is a paradigm shift - now there will be branded pushcarts and unbranded pushcarts. The only thing is that pushcarts will surely work for small volume things like icecreams. For vegetables, you need a lot of pushcarts - one pushcart cannot have the range/volume of a store. But a pushcart with a digital weighing machine, where I get assured quality, good prices and perhaps even online ordering?! The strategy has the makings of a disruptive strategy!

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laura boffi said...

Dear sir,
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