Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Warnings unheard

Crash course on How to write about India yet again.

Yet another apocalyptic title. "Warnings unheard as India beats its superpower drum." and a great headline too, "India eyes riches at poor's expense."

The article is not that bad actually; it alternates between taking potshots at India Poised and a peoples confidence while carrying a couple of paragraphs on poverty. The tone of the article is a little lost considering the title or the headline.

Instead there is a vision of a more troubled India, where around 700 million people scratch a living out of agriculture and some 300 million battle to survive beneath the poverty line. Horse-drawn carts dodge trucks as they drive the wrong way down the national highway, overloaded with leaking sacks of grain. Visibly weak infant children break stones in the central reservation, helping to repair the road surface.

My point is, madam, if you cared to read, if today 700 million are dependent on agriculture, a few years back there were more. If today 300 million battle to survive poverty, a few hundred million have crossed over.

Both (Mr. Singh and Ms. Sonia G) leaders have a vested political interest in avoiding the spirit of self-congratulation which surrounds them; appearing to be sensitive to the needs of those excluded from the country's financial boom is a vital part of their electoral strategy.

But the words of these leaders have done little to quell the simmering excitement in the media and the business community.

My point is, should they quell the simmering excitement? If so, why? If the business community doesn't prosper would our poverty disappear magically or reappear magically - I leave that for an intelligent guess?

Surprisingly, I got this link from Yale Global where just a few days back, I found this link.

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