Friday, February 23, 2007

Water dispensers

This a picture of water dispensers seen in restaurants/offices.

Look closely and they have a hot and a cold arrangement, but no arrangement for water at room temperature. So, what do you do? Mix hot and cold, is the simple answer - what a waste of energy!

You would have thought that this was elementary, but no - recently a third option is available (normal water) on some of the newer models.


Kiran said...

Surprising isn't water at room temperature. Wonder where all that market research about the aesthetics, design, blah and blah went...down the drain!!! A simple concept yet much for their consumer behavior skills!!

Anonymous said...

I work in the US and they have dipensers with room temperature also. They are marked with grey color.

Neelakantan said...

Kiran, I actually think that this happened because the product was transplanted from somewhere else. I thought US - but after anons comment, I am not sure.

Anybody who has looked at people in India, even near a water cooler or restaurant will know that there are almost an equal number of people who prefer normal water and cold water.

Siva Rajendran said...

Good point.
I always prefer to have water at room temperature.

ggop said...

I work in the US too but I haven't seen the gray room temperature dispenser in my office.

I agree, what a waste. While the red tap is hard to operate, I still land up scalding myself on occassion to get the right temperature. :)

Anonymous said... any case in India I have seen people use it more for getting hot water to clean their cups!