Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brand Factory

Brand Factory is the name of an outlet that sells brands at a discount. When I first heard this, I was skeptical. But when I visited the place, I realized that it is not ordinary brands that they are talking about, they brands are reputed brands. Only a few days ago I realized that it was floated by the Future group - the same group that runs Big Bazaar, e-zone.

The USP of the place is that it sells brands cheaper; if you are looking for dirt cheap prices, forget it. But every brand is offered at a decent discount. I read in a piece a few days ago that their business model works on sourcing surpluses from various companies - which is a smart move.

Overall, the place is teeming with staff - and the space utilization is high, but if you want brands are you are ok with a slightly claustrophic place, it is the place to be while scouting for discounts.

Interestingly just to the left of the Brand Factory building, the billboard that you (don't) see is for Megamart, Arvinds discount brand. To me, as a consumer, Brand factory is not the best place (not yet) for mens clothing, but for womens clothing, it has a winner (and you know what happens if you have the women coming to shop - the men have to follow).

The footfalls (the guard here has a footfall counter - two - presumably men and women- in his hand) in this place considering it is new, is quite amazing. There are more people here than either of Shoppers stop or any of the other bigger outlets in Bangalore. And the place of its launch Marathahalli is the Uttar Kashi for all discount shoppers in Bangalore. Smart choice. Someone has done their homework very well.

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D said...

I don't know..but if you can write something upon how all the retail players are concentrating on their back-end and most of all chanelling, it would be great.