Monday, March 26, 2007

Direct to home TV

Dish TV or Tata sky, which are the newly launched DTH services in India are entering into a harassed market and a market that is vastly under served. By who else, the local cable wallah. All over the country, there is hardly anybody who is satisfied with their cable reception. Right from Bombay to Bangalore and all places in between, they offer slipshod service.

One of my cable chaps in Bombay to whom we used to complain frequently about non reception of cable services would say, "Even your neighbour is not getting anything." That was his best explanation for the lack of service. Creaky infrastructure, arbit charges, bad reception are just some of the complaints. Other than that, most of them are anything but professional and collect the monthly subscription more like haftas where the fee payment and service are anything but linked. They rarely attend to a complaint promptly. The cable wallahs are a pain for the channels too since they dont pay for all the subscribers and usually underreport the number of subscribers. They operate as cartels in most places - with links to the local thug and if you disconnect one service, there is very little chance that another one will take his place - if he does, he faces the risk of his equipment being burnt/stolen etc.

So, therefore, the market is ripe for a service like DTH to come into the fray. They have it all laid on a platter and on the ground, DTH is picking up slowly which is encouraging. With the advent of plasma and LCD TVs, the quality of reception is also important which is a good thing for DTH. It remains to be seen if they service the market well or end up being like the cable wallah.


CM said...

tata sky is selling like hot cakes in the villages surrounding my town in western UP...
My father installed one in my home also and I was amazed to see my 20 year old TV first time giving a crystal clear picture of all the channels..... was really amazing..

Neelakantan said...

on a related note, does a dth boom portend the doom of ordinary tvs?