Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Google Transport network

Got this link from PSFK on Googles transportation network.

The NY Times has an the extensive article on the bus network that Google has set up to ferry its workers across the Bay Area to work. The company ferries about a quarter (1,200) of its employees to and from Googleland daily. The 32 shuttle buses come with leather seats and wireless Internet access; and, the NYT reports, bicycles are allowed on exterior racks, and dogs on forward seats:

Thats familiar to Bangaloreans - the majority of peak hour traffic is taken up shuttle buses, cabs and TT (localese for Tempo Travellers and Tata 407s). As far as I know no company, save one, offers airconditioned transport and none of them have wireless internet access. Lets not talk about dogs and bicycles.

But jokes apart, it is good for a company to provide transport - making the commute easy is the best thing that can be done. Indeed as the article shows, it has a cascading effect. As of today, there are very few companies in Bangalore which do not provide a transport facility. It started off as IT campuses are (were) outside the city till the city grew to envelop them and there was no way one could reach the place without transport. Even today, getting to Electronic city or ITPL on your own without a vehicle is a nightmare if you dont count the recently introduced Volvo buses.

Even if the pick up is not a house to house pick up, it is good to have, especially given Bangalores public transport and the general stress around driving down each day. With a bus or a cab, you have the time to catch a power nap, which is what most people do or read a book or catch up on conversation with fellow employees!

Transport has other benefits too, like Deccan Herald used it for a while to market their products.

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