Friday, March 02, 2007

Innovation, talent, Indian IT

This post by John Hagel.

The most impressive thing about the conference was that, in spite of this enormous success, there was little if any complacency. Instead, the leaders of the Indian IT services industry continued to show the same sense of urgency that has driven their success so far.

The point that I like is his take on innovation blowback opportunities.

This is a huge opportunity and has generally been under-emphasized by the IT services industry which historically has focused on overseas markets rather than the domestic market.

and he goes on to say

This opportunity is particularly intriguing because it extends far beyond the domestic market, even though that is certainly attractive in its own right. As JSB and I have written, there is an opportunity to pursue “innovation blowback” strategies, using the Indian market as a catalyst for breakthrough innovation in products and services that can then be used to support global attacker strategies designed to challenge incumbents in the more developed Western economies.

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