Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its all about the music

Not RJs, not the jokes nor the banter.

Thats what I thought, but every radio station in Bangalore was rapidly resembling the other, atleast after the arrival of Radio Mirchi. Prior to Radio Mirchi, there was Radio City which played Hindi songs and occasional Kannada songs and the RJs spoke in a mix of all the tongues Bangalore conversed. Radio Mirchi changed the game. The RJs spoke in Kannada and the songs were all Hindi. Then, another radio station arrived, I am not sure which one. This one spoke in Kannada and played Kannada songs and Hindi songs. Radio Mirchi rapidly adapted as did Radio city and over three to four months all the stations increasingly resembled one other.

Until Fever arrived - with the slogan, Its all about the music. During peak hours, contrary to popular stations, it plays 40 minutes non stop music and intersperses it with about 2-3 ads. Indeed, I have never heard an RJ on it, though it appears that they do have RJs.

I obviously havent heard too much of Fever, but from whatever I have heard, mostly morning traffic hours the ads are lower, banter is less and I actually hear it more than songs from my player.

This is a tough route to follow. Less ads mean less revenue, but if they can sell to potential advertisers that because they carry less ads, they are more sticky and hence these ads are more expensive - sure why not? Unlike Radio city and Radio Mirchi, I dont switch much when I listen to Fever, except when there are English songs when I move to my collection. I am hardly an ideal radio listener, but perhaps it is a smart move. Time will tell if they continue to do it or if they slowly amalgamate into the Bangalore radio station as defined by the "others".

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