Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jungle lodges

Jungle lodges and resorts, to the uninitiated, is one of Karnatakas best kept secrets - its quite popular actually. It is a one of a kind private government initiative. They operate resorts in some of the sanctuaries in Karnataka apart from a few other places. They are also into adventure sports like rafting or paragliding etc. at some of their spots. But their USP is the "jungle" and their resorts which are spartan yet comfortable. Right from their drivers, almost everybody who works there is a naturalist. They live in nature. Drivers know scientific names of birds, how to track animals and so on - I am not qualified to say if they are experts, but they are pretty good. Their prices are on the higher side, but then places like these dont come cheap. So, even if they are "government", their service is more like private - which means pretty good.

But all that is a separate point. The best part about places like Jungle lodges is the local involvement. It provides employment to a small number of locals - thus driving home the importance of conservation among the 'owner community'.

More resorts like these which use the USP of the forest (Many JLR properties for instance do not have electricity in the day and have one televison set which is in a common place) are required - and operated with local involvement if we want our forests to be conserved. And more importantly, if you want to get the local community involved in the conservation effort and there is no better way to do it than by creating a sustainable livelihood out of it for them.


Rajaram S said...

Check out these two guys Yathin ( and Kalyan (
Kalyan is a naturalist and both are excellent wildlife photographers ..
If there was anything u wanted to know abt any JLR in karnataka, they would know abt it !

Dhruva said...

I think the hyperlink to junglelodges you posted in the beginning of the post is incorrect .. it should be and not

Neelakantan said...

Thanks, dhruva, changed!
Rajaram, the sites you mentioned were very good!