Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorry, I am not marketing

I recently happened to try and reach Tata BP Solar as part of an initiative to try and see if we can do something at our apartment colony to go Solar. After a few searches on Google, I found their website and the only link that I found was for Service - not marketing. (Perhaps thats what people seek - which is scary, but...).

The other numbers were numbers of regional offices which did not specify anything. So I called up this number and someone promptly picked up. He was relieved when he realized the purpose of my enquiry and he replied triumphantly, "I have nothing to do with marketing, I am service" and gave me the same number on their website to contact their office. So, I tried and nobody picked up the call. I am still going to try because the need is on our side, but really, every person in your firm is a marketeer, whether you like it or not.

Leads will come not only to the marketing department, but to anyone. Every employee is an ambassador whether he is in marketing or not. Many firms have got this, notably real estate companies and banks, but some companies are yet to figure that out.

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