Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Top Web Markets

Got this from The Next Net on the Worlds top web markets and, surprise, surprise - India is 8th in the list - which is saying a lot.

Comscore - ranking of countries by Internet usage, unique visitors.

Jan-07 Percentage
(000) Change

Worldwide 746,934 10%

United States 153,447 2%
China 86,757 20%
Japan 53,670 4%
Germany 32,192 3%
UK 30,072 1%
South Korea 26,350 8%
France 24,560 4%
India 21,107 33%
Canada 20,392 11%
Italy 18,106 13%

A lot of it is perhaps driven by the active college crowd, IT pros and then some. Indian railways, Deccan airlines, banks, online trading should be there. Gaming and social networking too perhaps. As the next table in the article shows, we are nowhere in broadband penetration or in time spent online - not that it is a great metric by itself, but the very fact that the internet has started digging through the mountain that is India means a lot.

How to make this even more accessible? Perhaps e-choupal or Rural business hubs it is for some segments, perhaps it will be cheaper mobile internet access for another?

And then we need to get the government onto the web. The web is a good way to bring corruption down as this piece shows.

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