Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trade and peace

The Acorn gives a few good ideas to our idea drought ridden peace process. The idea, is trade.

While the country is lulled into a false sense of progress on the ‘peace process’ with Pakistan, it is ignoring signs that the process is working against India’s long terms interests.

...It is, therefore, unsurprising, that an act of appeasement as monstrous as the one in Havana fails to raise the nation’s collective eyebrows. So too the “non-paper” offering joint-control of the Kashmir valley that India has floated behind closed doors.

The UPA government has gone great lengths to spin the Havana appeasement it as the best India could achieve. So former security officials who dare to point out how bad a capitulation it really is are accused of indulging in bureaucratic groupthink. And ordinary citizens who do so are often accused of being war-mongers, too unsophisticated to understand statesmanship.

Read the entire thing.

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