Friday, April 27, 2007

BEST Monthly Pass

BEST - the Mumbai bus service has come out with a monthly pass scheme. This pass allows you travel point to point - you can travel any number of times within the period of expiry. Very similar to the Mumbai suburban railway pass that you have at present. (Bangalore does have such a system - both on a daily basis and a monthly basis - N). Mumbai has never had a real bus pass system except for a brief period in the 80s.

This is a new system BEST is trying; replacing the earlier "tap-when-you-get-in" "tap-when-you-get-out" system - something that works wonderfully well in Singapore. However in India/Mumbai - you will always have most people not tapping in, i.e. free travel. Its good they got rid of that one. (if they had a lengthwise tapping system that tapped you automatically like your in-store thingies on the door that detect stolen items, it might have worked - N)

A few good points about the new pass by BEST - it is a photo-id system, you can travel as much as you want - much like Mumbai suburban railway pass, however the availability is a big issue(or so I think).

While a railway pass is available at just about every station - for buses it is only available at major depots/bus stops. Perhaps they should get the conductors to distribute the passes, once you have a photo-id card? Also why not a uniform pass for both Railways and Buses?

Just as an aside, Maharashtra conductors continue to use legacy ticketing systems with various monetary denominations i.e increasing the actual load carried by the conductor and his workload. Kerala (believe AP and Karnataka) conductors in state transport buses have moved to electronic ticketing machines though they are all on the long distance buses. Perhaps with some adjustment, Mumbai conductors can use them. How about moving to conductor less buses with fixed denomination routes - 10 rupee routes where passengers drop the money into a box near the driver - as in Bangalore?

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ssc said...

The attendants sitting at teen hath naka are very rude and non-cooperative.
They don't provide proper information.
Even on internet, the timings for getting the monthly pass are given as 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
But, actually, it closes down at 3 p.m. only.
The employees working at teen hath naka, don't even know, what timings are publicly given on internet.
Very poor service at teen hath naka.