Sunday, April 29, 2007

Creating visibility

Tata sky is on a roll in Bangalore. It is busy distributing these kind of displays, where the shop name is superimposed on a TataSky promotional piece. And it is doing this for just any T, D and H.

I spotted one for a bedding house (pictured - where there is some synergy), one tea shop, a furniture shop and then some.

Earlier ITC had used this to circumvent the ban on cigarette advertising. It distributed shop signages with the name "Wills" in the exact size specified by the legislation.

There is of course, nothing that prevents Tatasky from advertising, but this is a smart idea to generate visibility. There are not enough "Tata sky" shops, unlike paan shops and every few hundred metres to have a Tatasky hoarding is not viable, so this works.


Rajesh Kumar said...

Valid post.

From a branding angle, there are two views here, which may appear quite divergent:

1> The liberal view:Such boards create visibility.
2> The classical conservative view: If there is such a board on top of a shop, there should also be a way for the customer to either buy the product or service in that shop, or get some more information, leading to a purchase, should the customer desire to.

Clearly such boards fall in what I have called liberal view, which at times is pure ambush, and has nothing focused about it.

Neelakantan said...

Very much. These sky signages range from Tea shops, bedding shops, provision shops, furniture shop and what not - and they dont sound like places where you will get anything other a brochure.

It is more ambush than anything else