Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The end of CDs and DVDs?

Perhaps it is a long debated thing, but this is my thought process even as I debate if my house needs a "music player". Our music player has a broken CD player, the radio does not have a memory setting (it assumed that electricity in all parts of the world will be 24X7 and that we would never switch it off) when it is turned off. We are contemplating if we will ever buy a "music system" that big - or will it be a small cute thingie like the Samsung K5. Right now our mp3 players and phones serve us pretty well and I guess there are like 3 songs in the entire universe (which we have never heard) that all members of the family will like to hear at the same time.

Is itunes the small beginning of a blockbuster business? A tectonic shift from CDs and DVDs and other storage devices into the "virtual" world of hard drives and flash memory?

So, is it the end of big gargantuan music systems?

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Naren said...

CDs & DVDs may end but Big Music Systems won't! They'll be powered by iPods and other small players. Big Music Systems are an obsession of many people. Not all people prefer to listen to music on head/ear phones