Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fabindia now a Harvard Case study says this article in The Hindu Businessline.

From personal experience, yes, this is a strong brand - and as it says here they don't advertise - dont recall seeing their advertisement anywhere. They sell decent stuff and are perhaps singularly responsible for bringing "Indian design" on clothes back into the mainstream on shirts, kurtis and back into fashion on casual Fridays.

Their clothes are not synthetic and they say that their clothes will fade with use since they use natural dyes, yet they sell well. Some may say that what they sell is overpriced - perhaps yes - but if it really benefits artisans, why not? And then again, those who buy them can afford it.

Fabindia has a nice niche market where it constantly innovates. The designs you get to see there are never old, always fresh.


niti bhan said...

Having just shipped a new double razaii in purple silk with zari across the pacific from Fabindia as well as cushion covers and a shawl that only brings compliments, what can I say but "hear hear"

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds good! I have never bought anything online, theres a couple of stores pretty close to where I live. But I will try perhaps.

Anonymous said...
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