Sunday, April 08, 2007

Karnataka tourism

You can see these nice signboards on most places in the Karnataka Tourist circuit. They are a nice touch and quite a good thing to spot on a highway when you are trying to reach your destination.

Karnataka tourism is a goldmine waiting to be tapped - the place has the potential of a few Keralas put together.


Ashley said...

I spent a week last November touring Karnataka. It's a beautiful place, with many great things to see. We went to Belur, Halebid, Somanthpur, Srinvanagbola (I think I spelled that one incorrectly!), Mysore, and Bangalore. Overall we had a great time.

The only problem I encountered in every town where we spent the night in Karnataka was at the hotels and guest houses (ranging from the Orchid Central in Bangalore to a rural cottage site near Hassan). I felt I had to argue/bargain to get exactly what I had either pre-paid for or had a confirmed reservation for. The hotel folks were glad to take my money, but wanted to down grade my room unless I paid more. Thankfully, I have a great attitude and didn't let it ruin my trip. This never happened to me in more touristy places like Agra, Mumbai, or Jaipur or even in desolate places in Madhya Pradesh.

If the focus is more on customer service, I think Karnataka's tourism industry will surely flourish. However, if it gets a reputation for being the state with greedy hoteliers, then people will forgo Karnataka for Kerala and other places in India.

Neelakantan said...

Customer service! The whole of Bangalore could learn it, and then some!