Sunday, April 15, 2007

Least satisfied?

or most connected? As Rashmi rightly points out, perhaps it is a mix of both.

The thing with IT resumes is that IT people have connectivity right at their desks. The moment they see a new job portal, and they get some free time they just post it. They may not even be looking for a job! Most people post their resumes just for the heck of it: lets see if I get a call.
They post it on every job site and once they get a job, they never take it off. And there are a significant number of "freshers" with a lot of "experience".

So the resume just lies there. How many resumes are active? How many of them have a usable number/mail id on them? Just the number of resumes are a pointless statistic. Least satisfied, perhaps yes- most connected, obviously yes - better choice, more so.

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