Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More beat on the street

Welcome two new members to interim thoughts...

One who has already posted, one who will, shortly.

Ramesh will cover Indian business from an equity market, funding and emerging business perspective - and more importantly, from the financial capital and emerging offshore financial hub of Mumbai. The post on Subhiksha is his (I need to figure out how to get the posters name on the post!)

The other, Manoj is a finance guy; he is anything but your dyed in the wool finance guy. He happens to be the person who introduced me to reading blogs and introduced some of the first blogs that I ever read. He is based out of Pune.

As usual, ecophilo will focus on Indian business (industry/design/culture and other items of interest) from a streetside perspective - where strategy meets reality. Feedback welcome on comments, by mail...

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