Monday, April 30, 2007

Seth Godin visits the consulate

Indian consulate, obviously - and this is the feedback. Do read the whole thing.

With all the welcome to FDI chants, the least that the government can do is to fix experiences like this. For a first time visitor, this is their "encounter with India."

Many of the chairs are broken, leaving sharp steel platforms on which to crouch. And there aren't enough chairs, broken or not. The signs are confusing, the two clerks are protected by a sheet of glass a full inch thick (which is twice the thickness of a typical bank's) and the little machine that dispenses deli-style tickets is broken.

The first experience is "Broken" in a single word. Amazing impression this conveys, does this not? About the country?

Well Seth, the governmen treats us citizens worse than this. Yes, India has to change and India is changing but the government is the last, and unfortunately, all encompassing, frontier - it resists change and resists changing India. Many other things have changed, especially where the government is not involved. Hope you have a good trip...


Rangachari said...

I have been to the consulate in new York a number of times and have exactly the same reaction to that wretched place. Apart from the numerous discomforts, the office is extremely small and frequently overflows due to crowds. In bad weather it is really miserable to stand in cold, snow and rain.

Considering the tremendous interest in all things Indian, its a shame they have not sought to improve things.

Incidentally, right around the block is the Pakistani consulate - never any crowds there at all :-)

Anonymous said...

It is kind of funny. We have to wait in extreme heat outside of the US consulates in India. Also the security is a thousand times more to get in. Not just inch thick glass.

I know the comparison is not fair, but real-estate is very expensive in Newyork and they probably cannot afford a bigger place.

But there is no excuse for the conditions inside.