Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skilled workers in demand

Skilled workers are going to be in demand unless everything in the world is automated, which is not going to happen anytime soon. This article from the Hindu Businessline focuses on the construction trade, though it is true for all industries.

Truck drivers, masons, carpenters, Teachers, nurses, doctors, accountants, even IT (you may not like the lumping, but they are all skilled workers) - it is true everywhere. Demographically, as the first world goes through a transition, there are bound to be shortfalls in skilled labour - especially as they move up the affluence curve, not too many want to take up manual/semi manual jobs.

But it is in the interest of countries like India that we dont become just a people exporter as we were (still are) to the Middle East. Unless the skills of those people are totalled up and used to create an industry/institution, it is a short term benefit.

If we train teachers, we must have great colleges - so that they hone their skills, so that they can come back. If its carpenters, surely, we must have a company that uses them to craft great furniture? Remember that the IT industry was built like this, there is no reason, we cannot do it in other areas.

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RustyNeurons said...

What happens when the industry grows and is able to ride (at least for sometime) on the success it has created? These very skilled workers become redundant resources, waiting for the next big project to come and meanwhile... blogging.