Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Which world cup now?

Now that advertising opportunities have been lost on this world cup, advertisers have come up with the ultimate dream. That we will win the next and the one after that. And there are no familiar cricketers (obviously, if anyone of todays players is still playing we are gone!).

So, you have a Pepsi Gold (whatever that is) commercial that begins with a bunch of kids walking into a tailors shop. They ask for oversize Indian cricket team uniforms (the actual picturisation is quite hilarious and nice) and the tailor asks "When do you want it?"
Pat comes the answer, "4 years later". "We will get the next world cup." (All in Hindi)

And advertisers, as usual, are thinking along the same lines.
Surf excel has this ad, picturised above. This one has our dreams fixated on 2015 -thats another 8 years to run this ad and without paying a single cricketer too.

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Anzy said...

hey bro this is regarding your blog " india in the brands" sorry about that will not happen in the future.