Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Building their brand

Even as we see Accenture kick off a high decibel campaign on MTV and other media, the other biggie that we see advertising of late (it was silent until recently) is TCS and the branding around TCS is "certainty."

It is quite a powerful word to use since the service industry (take any one, including airline or hospitality or garages) is not really known for "certainty". Also, any IT work is far from certain and before you point the blame on the vendors, often it is a mishmash of unclear requirements, discounted complexity, changing needs and so on. To go with a "certainity" onslaught is quite tough.

But TCS is a late entrant into the public market space and my guess is it wants to make up for lost "mindshare". TCS, is truly the biggest of all Indian IT service companies, but its mindshare has been low, for a variety of reasons. Maybe this branding effort will change that.

What about the others? Havent seen any of them go for brand building of this sort, atleast in India. Infy did this when they launched (?) their Banking product Finacle, but then again apart from Finacle, they dont do much in India. For Wipro too, I don't recall a branding effort from an IT perspective, except when they changed their logo and such.


Kavi said...

I guess the product-brand-mindset understanding and application to a service-brand-mindset has a transitioning element. And thats where we are currently.

TCS, i read somewhere has ambitions of standing shoulder to shoulder with IBM and Accenture as part of the Big 3 ! Thats going to require some awesome PR and great PR ! Not to speak of lines of codes, wonderful strategies et al !

The latest HCL campaign on TV has caught my fancy ( software engineer hitch hiking with a investment banker)

Neelakantan said...

TCS, really deserves its due at the top. After years of worshipping the others, TCS has to make up for lost ground...