Friday, May 11, 2007

Silver "Ticket"

Ticket Design, has won a Silver at the 2007 International Appliance award for its Advanced Telematics Tracking system for Tata Tele. (From Core77). It had also won the Businessworld award in 2006 for the same.

Ticket Design's process and development for the telematics product designed for Tata Motors paid heavy attention to user centered industrial design, ensuring an intuitive interface and user friendly approach for their target audience, Indian truck drivers. The device grants drivers access to lifesaving medical help in case of accidents and informs them about possible traffic jams. They can also speak to the base station, listen to music, and be accessible to their families at any give time. (Core77).

Do read this link at Tickets website: Advanced Telematics Tracking system.

I am no expert, but the best part of the interface I think is the ability of it to transcend language and literacy and keep it simple. This system will be part of every Novus (note to myself: Check it out.) truck rolled out by Tata Motors.


Kavi said...

I have been quite impressed by the way in which telecom companies have managed to use their bandwidth and exploit it to the hilt.

I guess this is one such avenue. More importantly, i think this will be such a handy tool for the men on the roads. Yes you right. Transcending of the literacy divide with a device like this smells of success !

Neelakantan said...

And, again like a lot of other fields, drivers are an utterly neglected lot. This one device makes it so much more easier for them to be in touch...

Anonymous said...

TrakIT seems to be a straight copy from GM's Onstar service in US for all GM cars! Perhaps Onstar is the OEM for Tata's and am surprised they get awarded with design awards on ideas that exist!
Also would be interesting to follow up on how this service will work with dismal GPRS blind spots on Indian roads.
Service exists in any OECD country for real time data transfer for all of the trakit feature set.smt

Chittaranjan Dasgupta said...

Vehicle tracking systems are not new and have been used extensively by many players in the market worldwide. Onstar Armada, Ontrack and many are in the field, I think what separates this product from the rest is that it attempts to connect with the truck drivers in a simple friendly way; a way that even cellphones cannot. Who on earth wants to be tracked by someone else..and the last person who would want to be tracked is a truck driver...for all the things he does on the road...I think thats the clinching part of the product. I cant imagine all the advanced gizmo gps gadgets being used by our truck drivers who are illiterate.

Drivers are intimidtaed by even a commodity product like a mobilephone. My grandfather just cannot use technosavvy gadgets like remotes or a mobilephone.

This Indian product (designed and manufactured in India) succeeds in making technology easy to use, friendly not intimidating, inclusive rather than dumping the product on the users.

I think the future belongs to products and services that make technology invisible to its users.

That will be a true revolution.