Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tata Novus

I noted that I have to visit the website of Tata Novus and get an idea of how much it really stands the test of "Made for India" The landing page proclaims thus: The Tata Novus Tipper appreciates that driver comfort is foremost, especially with the long hours of driving involved. This truck comes with unbeatable features that make the interior most pleasing and provide ample driver comfort.

That is saying something since driver comfort is not even a factor in Indian trucks, perhaps they are built for driver discomfort. Power steering was a rarity (and continues to be) until very recently. Airconditioned trucks? Perhaps the Volvos are, but I have my doubts there. I havent seen too many airconditioned trucks in India. After all, drivers are rarely owners and for owners, more than driver comfort ("If it is more comfortable, they will sleep.") it is the money that is important.

It is into this truck that the TrakIT system goes in. Also, the Novus comes from the acquisition of Daewoo. Tatas have often been pilloried for the fact that their trucks are quite basic. Novus should answer that. It may not yet be Volvo, but it can get there...

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