Friday, May 18, 2007

Truck graffiti... a subject by itself in India, as is truck art. The trucks in each part of India is distinctly different from another and the best examples are the ones from North India. (More on this diversity some other time.)

So, heres one with Buri Nazar Waale, Tera Mooh Kaala (Those who cast an evil on it, may your face be blackened) and on its diesel tank was Kam Pee Rani, Iraq Ka Paani (Consume less fuel, it is Iraq's water).

Delight on the road by reading these captions when you are stuck behind one of them...


Kavi said...

A delight ! The "Smile Please. OK" message has been ubiquitous. Now there is creativit flowing through !!

ggop said...

I loved the kam pee rani, iraq ka paani slogan. Very topical!