Monday, May 07, 2007

Village network

I found this link from Future perfect, a must read blog for those who interested in 'culture' from a global perspective. The blog mentions a product being trialled in India, Nokia Siemens Networks, Wireless Village. [press release 0.2MB, PDF]. In her words:

It takes an existing and well known service setup - providing cellular connectivity and re-designs the task process signing-up customers, billing, invoicing, service support to suit local conditions. If, as expected the trial benefits all the parties involved (consumers, local entrepreneurs, micro-finance organisations, operators, my employer) this could have significant impact in connecting the next billion.

Nokia joins the big league of Reliance, ITC, HLL who in their interest for profit are doing (not necessarily, but creating more impact) more for the village than the government did through their altruism. This is the only way that the villages will progress, not misplaced altruism in the form of sops.

There is no such thing as a free lunch (sops have only benefited bureaucrats, contractors and politicians), certainly the medicines thereafter aren't free - a for profit lunch helps all the benefactors.

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Kavi said...

Future Perfect is lovely ! Thanks for sharing. In the days of specific activities under the Corporate social responsibility banner, weaving it into the business model is even more sustainable !