Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Every time Pantaloon or some other garment store has a sale ...I am scared to attend them, since I know there will be serpentine queues ahead of every trial room.

I really think this is one thing that acts as a dampener on any "SALE"- apart from the fact that you really got to be early in every sale or it is no longer a sale, but s(t)ale. So, do shops do anything about it? I am not sure, they do, but they also lose a certain percent of sales just because of the daunting queue in front of the trial room.

(Bring Your Own Trial Rooms)


Shubham said...

During sales, there is generally so many people around that it makes me wonder if they are actually giving things for free. Since the past 1 year, I have almost given up on sales. Nice funda though sale - s(t)ale ;)

Kavi said...

What about the billing counter..? I am equally petrified with the miles and serpentine queues. And if one cash machine, swipe machine etc cause a problem, God help you !

And in my experience, it happens to the the guy right ahead of you. If he goes through there is a 70% chance that it would fail when its your turn !

ggop said...

Is it just me or does the Pantaloon trial room feel claustrophobic? Small and dingy are the words that come to mind.