Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Indian on strike

Can somebody please tell these people that they are shooting themselves in the foot, whatever be their grievance (I want promotions - waaah)? And did anybody notice that they were on strike?

As it is, there are no lines at Indian (Airlines) counters. As it is, they are dependent on government patronage and largesses to keep their white elephant flying. As it is, Kingfisher, Jet and even Deccan are taking away their passengers, not to mention Goair, Spicejet et al. So what is the best thing to do at this juncture?

Go on strike and lose whatever little customers you have. In turn that will further hit your operating efficiency (if you could ever apply that to this airline), profitability and gain more negative mindshare, reducing your own companys profits and making it all the more difficult to pay you?

Oh, I forget, they depend on the charity called the government - did I say profits? They depend on me, the taxpayers money to keep them afloat, sorry, airborne.

Since the last 10 odd years, I have never flown Indian. Indeed, I have barely checked Indian fares twice or thrice. Why? I know they are unpredictable, service may not be great and then this tendency to go on strike at the drop of a hat. Be Indian, dont fly Indian, except that at times it is the only one which flies to certain remote locations (Deccan is a close second, but till then...)


Kavi said...

This is a story that is often replayed ! With same effect. We must push for privatisation or a will to run these without largesse !

But quite to the contrary, as usual, these folks are talking about buying out foriegn airlines !

God is in the skies ! But ground staff are the problem !!

Big V said...

I like it. More strikes please! I hope they lose much more money and the government finally realizes they should not be in this business. Then private sector will take over and we will have a much more efficient system

Anonymous said...

Good post. People I know fly Indian only when on vacation - typically at below Deccan fares. Do check their website (if you are flexible about reaching your destination though) - they are very often the cheapest airline around.